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Electric Mower

Electric lawn mowers can be ideal if you have a small to mid sized lawn that you want to keep in fine shape. Although we might all be more accustomed to those bigger, louder and heavier mowers which are powered by fuel, the electric mower is now very much a worthy competitor. This is especially the case if you do not have too much grass to cut. Not only are they more lightweight, but they are also easier to maintain. As they have fewer moving parts under the hood, you will find that they will tend to need fewer repairs over the years.

Easy to use, high performance

So long as you clean your electric mower a couple of times a year, you should find that it will continue to run beautifully. It also won't just be your own home that will be thanking you for picking up your new electric mower. Your neighbours will be too! Because they run with a fraction of the noise of a fuel powered mower, they will be favourites with anyone living nearby.

The greener way

Not only is a fuel-free mower a great option when considering noise pollution, but it is also a great option when thinking about the wider environmental impact of our actions. As the electric mower is the greener way of doing things, it should be your first port of call if you are looking to buy a lawn mower and you do not have masses of garden to get through.

Ergonomic and effective

Take a look at the models that we have brought together here from the likes of Masport and Victa. You will see that electric mowers also tend to boast some of the most ergonomic designs out there on the market. Whether it is a Masport electric lawn mower or a Victa electric mower, they are also nice and lightweight. This doesn't mean that they aren't sturdy, it just means that you will be able to get round your lawn with comparative ease; it also won't be too difficult to move it into its storage position, given that it is not carrying a heavy engine.

200 ST S16.5 2n1 ELi 58v 0.75kW Masport 200 ST S16.5 2n1 ELi 58v 0.75kW Masport
Masport - TECH ELi 58Volt .75kilowatt brushless induction motor with load sensing technology 420mm (6.5") Chisel Steel Chassis Mulching Option Masport 2 Blade Disc System Cobra Front 175mm (7") and Rear 175mm (7") Wheels Upturned Upper Handle Knob Locks HDPE Plastic Catcher IMAGE SHOWN IS USED FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES AND MAY NOT BE IDENTICAL TO MOWER OFFERED


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