Portable Convector 471 TR White Nat Rinnai

Code: CA0769

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2.4-6.2 kW portable heater suitable for domestic and commerical heating applications.

Can heat up to 95m² (depending on location in NZ).

Cannot be installed in rooms smaller than 62.5 m³.

Portable, powerful and energy efficient

* Energy-efficiency: Outputting 90% of energy used

* Outstandingly effective: Using a new, very powerful, low-emission ceramic burner

* Portable and powerful: These heaters reach the set temperature of the room up to 41% quicker    than reverse cycle air conditioning units


* Remote control

   For the convenience of operating the heater between standby or on, as well as adjusting the      temperature up or down.

* Preheat

   This function will automatically operate the appliance before the programmed start time so      the room will be preheated to the set temperature when the timer comes on.

* Dual timers

  Allows you to program the appliance to come on for two separate periods each day, one         period in the morning and one period in the evening.

* Child friendly

   No exposed flame, cool to touch cabinet**, and child lock as standard.

** Louvre component of the heater will still be hot

Suitable for

Domestic and commercial heating appliance, suitable for open plan areas.

Can heat up to 95 m² (depending on geographical location).

This heater must not be installed in a room smaller than 62.5 m³ .

This is an unflued appliance and is not suitable for; bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, saunas, or spa rooms.

Additional option LPG - $1122.00


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